{Meet Keri}

I’m Keri, the extroverted adventurer and author of this blog.

High School: 

I started KeriBetters.com in high school as a creative outlet to translate my thoughts into words. It began as a New Year’s Resolution and quickly became a part of my daily routine. The more I wrote, the more I fell in love with writing, and it became a main factor in how I chose my college major.


I attended the University of Delaware, where I obtained a bachelor of arts in communication, minors in interactive media and advertising and concentrations in public relations and interpersonal communication.

During my time at UD, I continued to Screen Shot 2015-03-12 at 3.14.23 PMwrite here (although admittedly, not as
often as I hoped), and the subjects of my posts shifted from lessons I was learning in high school to topics that interested me from my courses. I wrote about social media trends, public relations crises, and (of course) the lessons God was teaching me along the way.

The art of writing introduced me to social media and public relations, two fields of study that quickly became my passions. I was a social media marketing intern for UD’s Career Services Centerthe program director during my junior year and public relations director during my senior year for UD’s Public Relations Student Society of America, a UD-branded social media ambassador for BlueHenSays, a public relations intern for Her Pink Jersey, a member of UD’s HerCampus E-Magazine‘s public relations and marketing team, and a sports sideline reporter for STN49.

Real World: 

I graduated from the University of Delaware in May 2015 and entered the digital and social media marketing world shortly after. Writing still plays a huge role in my life (cough my job cough), and unfortunately, posting on here consistently takes a back seat. However, I continue to learn new things every day, and my blog *will* slowly shift to reflect this new chapter of life. I’m working on it, I promise!

For example, be on the lookout for posts regarding job tips, work/life balance, planning a wedding, financial lessons, fashion on a budget, and more.

So that’s the story of how we’ve gotten to this point.

Now here are 13 Facts About Keri: 

1. I’m a Christian. Jesus is my Savior and He’s the reason I do everything. He’s a God of grace and forgives me for when I become too proud to see my own flaws– I am forever thankful.
2. I’m an extroverted introvert (emphasis on the ‘extrovert’).
3. I’m engaged to the love of my life and a boy I’ve known all my life (sometimes The One really is standing right in front of you and you dwI’m a coffee enthusiast, which is a fancy way of saying I’m addicted and unashamed.
4. I’m the proud survivor of three younger brothers.
5. I’ve played piano since the age of four.
6. I’m addicted to brightly colored office supplies (pens, planners, notebooks, etc.).
7. My nails are always painted.
8. Instagram is my favorite social platform.
9. My favorite piece of furniture is the desk. 
10. I listen to Michael Jackson on a regular basis (“Smooth Criminal” is my jam).
11. I love to organize, plan, list and schedule.
12. I love adventures, big and small.
13. My favorite number is 13. Taylor Swift stole it from me. I had it first.

So that’s a little bit about me. Now tell me about you!


Let’s connect on Twitter: @KeriBetters

For more information on my professional career thus far, feel free to check out my Virtual Portfolio and Resume



9 thoughts on “{Meet Keri}

  1. Hi Keri! I’m one of Nicole’s friends Jen! I think we met before….But anyway, I think ur blog ROCKS!!!! Keep blogging girl!! (Ur such a good recent post about the short story; those r some of my fav Bible verses! And I REALLY luved ur song u wrote!! You have a lot of talent girl! ッ


    • Hey Jen! Yes, I think we met before too! 🙂 Thank you so much for your encouragement and post! I’m glad you enjoy the blog and loved the short story! Those are my favorite Bible verses, as well! And I’m glad you liked the song, as well! Thanks for checking it out!


  2. Oops, in my following comment i met: (Ur such a good writer! I dont think u could ever bore someone!) I loved ur recent post about the short story….

    (they dont let u edit ur comments….grr…:P)


  3. Okay i like really love your blog!!! i am one of nicole’s friends too!! Your writing is just amazing and really speaks to me on days when i am feeling down… or happy for that matter!!lol 😀


  4. Hello!! Awwh, thank you so much! It is very encouraging to know that what I write is helping you whether you are happy or sad. Thanks again for the comments and for reading. You’re so sweet!


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